Are you struggling to find comfortable, fashionable leather shoes for your little one that support their development, provide good protection and keep their feet warm whilst not breaking the bank? Established in 2019 by mother of 5 Rebecca, Sass & Me is on a mission to provide an affordable yet high quality range of moccasins and handmade leather shoes that feel great on babies and toddlers feet whilst supporting their development. We hand-design all our baby and toddler moccasins to provide a great range of styles at affordable prices. Whether you’re the parent of an active toddler or shopping for a baby shower, we’re sure we’ve got a pair of little leather shoes to suit you. What are you waiting for? Shop our online range of beautiful baby and toddler moccasins now!

Hand Designed Leather Shoes & Moccasins

Our entire online range of baby and toddler shoes are designed with the development of little feet in mind. Crafted from real leather, with flexible suede soles for the younger ones and hard rubber soles for the toddlers, our selection of shoes and moccasins support crawlers, cruisers and pre walkers up to the age of 3. Every pair in our online collection has been flexibly designed to stay on the foot, whilst also being easy to get on and off; so not only do they look and feel great but they’re super convenient too. Your shoes are also all housed in the UK so you can expect fast delivery to whichever part of the country you live.

About Sass & Me

Leather Shoes & Moccasins

A mother of 5 herself, Rebecca’s designs are born out of a passion to provide her own children with the most supportive, protective, warm, and fashionable shoes as possible. So passionate in fact that her reputable guesthouse at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro was left behind to pursue her business full time back in the UK. Your handmade leather shoes aren’t mass produced by a large corporation, they’re carefully designed and stocked by a mother who knows.

From moccasins for a newborn baby to hard sole leather shoes for a confident walking toddler, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect pair here.