Discover 3 Simple Ways to Help Your Baby to Begin Their Walk to Independence

Your baby's first wobbly steps are a magical moment. Along with their first tooth or
recognisable word, you've probably been looking forward to this moment for a year or more. Here are three simple ways to get your baby moving in the right direction.

Help Your Baby to Walk Independently With a Game

Once your baby begins to cruise, it’s a sign that they’re getting close to first steps.
Incentivise the little cruiser by lining up furniture or giving them a push toy to move around with for a taste of independence.

Hold hands and lightly support them to take steps around the room. As they grow in confidence you can loosen your hold and make it a game. Once your baby can toddle a few steps, count how many she takes before sitting back down. Stand on the other side of the room and encourage her to walk towards you.

Choose the Right Footwear for Your Baby

While your baby might start off barefoot at home, you’ll soon need to invest in a pair of shoes to protect those tiny toes. Your baby’s first shoe needs to be grippy, lightweight and provide plenty of wiggle room to help her to balance. Soft soles will allow little feet to feel their way.

Avoid anything with too much ankle support as high-tops could restrict movement and be uncomfortable. Similarly, anything too loose might make her trip over.

Moccasins are an ideal shoe for a baby learning to walk on her own because the lightweight structure and soft suede soles grip the ground without restricting developing feet. Firm support also stops the shoes from coming loose and tripping up.

Look for genuine leather moccasins to protect little feet from rough surfaces, as well as keeping them snuggly warm.

Dainty ladies might like these super soft pink suede ‘Belle’ ballerina moccasins or if baby’s a bit of a wild child then these leopard pony hair fringe tassel moccasins might do the trick.

Wait for the Right Time

Ultimately, all babies develop to different timetables with some whizzing through developmental stages and others being more laid back. The first two years of life are an intensive learning zone and your little one might be more interested in developing language or fine motor skills than learning to walk.

Your baby will need to master skills like rolling over, sitting and pulling herself up before moving on to cruise, then walk. You can really help with encouragement, so cheer and clap when your baby begins to cruise but don’t be too forceful. If you try to make her stand or walk when she’s not ready, it may have the opposite effect and put her off.

Patience is going to be a key skill that will serve you well all the way through parenthood and here is a great place to start!

At Sass & Me, we have a range of soling options available depending on your little one’s current developmental stage. Leather soles are suitable for pre-walkers, while grip soles and full rubber soles suit little walkers.

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